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Thank you for editing my thesis. I found it more than my expectation. The work was perfect and very satisfying. I would recommend your services to my colleagues Saleh Al-Shehri, author of PhD thesis, Universiti Putri Malaysia

       Welcome to the editorial services of Lee A. Young, PhD

He can put your LaTeX manuscript into top shape for publication or thesis submission

Services offered:

     Improving word choice and punctuation. Tightening up sentence structure for conciseness.

    Improving English of ESL authors. 

    Putting mathematics on proper format (variables, operators). Click here for details on math formatting.

     Track Changes service: PDF file of original manuscript with all edited items highlighted.

Fields of expertise:

     Physics, mathematics, chemistry, economics, scholarly studies.

Dr. Young's background:

     PhD in physics from Harvard University.

     24 years experience copyediting manuscripts for top publishers.

     Copyediting hundreds of manuscripts for authors from East Asia.

     Experience copyediting 9 physics manuscripts in LaTeX for the Physical Review.

      Copyediting 68 articles in LaTeX for Biometrika (Oxford University Press).

Why LaTeX?

     With LaTeX you are sure your equations will look just right, as seen in .pdf version of edited manuscript provided by Dr. Young. Editing is done with BaKoMa v. 10.10 WYSIWYG software.

     Most journal publishers encourage use of .tex format, and provide templates to ensure conformity with journal style.

Please submit any LaTeX manuscript complete with any auxiliary .cls, .bst, and .bib files. 

Having trouble getting your .tex file to compile? Send it along and Dr. Young will work to repair any errors. 

What will his services cost?

     Only $3.50 per double-spaced page (or equivalent) for basic copyediting. Dr. Young will work directly with you: you will avoid paying cost of expensive websites and supervisors of editors and get fast,  personal attention. 

LaTeX documents can be readily created with the use of available templates.   

For free, no-obligation preliminary review, send your manuscript (or sample) as e-mail attachment to leeayoung@morrisbb.net.

For further details on Dr. Young's resume, fields of expertise, and services offered check out his websites:



Several PhD or MS theses edited by Dr. Young in LaTeX:

Essays on State Space Models and Macroeconomic Modelling, by Davide Delle Monache, PhD thesis for the University of Cambridge, UK, Jan 2011 (LaTeX)

The long-lasting effects of family background: A European cross-country comparison, by Fabrizio Mazzonna, PhD thesis for Ca' Foscari University and Tor Vergata University, April 2011 (LaTeX)

A Training-Free Brain-Machine Interface for Electroencephalogram-based Control, by Yichuan Liu, MS thesis for Boston University, April 2011 (LaTeX)

Soft X-ray Coherence and Coherent Diffractive Imaging, by Ramon Rick, PhD thesis for Stanford University, August, 2011 (LaTeX)

Building Successful Partnerships: A Production Theory of Global Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration, by Sebastian Buckup, Doktor der Wirtschaftswissenschaft thesis for University of Witten/Hedecke, November 2001 (LaTeX)

Detection and classification of sequence and structure similarities, by Karl Frank, Doctor ofTechnology thesis for University of Salzburg. December 2012 (LaTeX)

The Effect of Private Pension on Household Saving: Evidence from Mandatory Employer-Provided Pension Reform, by Tzu-Ting Yang, PhD thesis for Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia, May 2013 (LaTeX)

Contributions to Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer in Histopathology, by Kien Nguyen, PhD thesis for Michigan State University, May 2013 (LaTeX)

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